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Pre-emerge Shrub Bed Weed Control:
• Spring and fall pre-emergence herbicide to shrub beds for the control of annual grasses and weeds.

Weekly Lawn Mowing:
• Weekly lawn mowing, edging, and trimming throughout the growing season.

Sprinkler Maintenance:
• Sprinkler Start-up in the spring includes turning on valves, adjusting timer & heads, and cleaning of clogged filters.
• Sprinkler Winterization in late fall includes blowing out all lines, turning off timers, and valves.

Core Aeration:
• Core aerate the lawn to promote root growth and decompose thatch allowing the healthy grassroots to thrive.

• Prune and shape shrubs, ornamental trees, and/or plantings.

Micro Tree Injections:
• Injections for the control of aphids and tree borers.

Systemic Ground Injections:
• Ground injection of insecticide for the control of aphids on trees and roses.

Deep Root Feeding:
• Application to trees and shrubs in the spring and/or fall for added nutrients and to promote healthy and vigorous growth.

Ground Vegetation Control:
• Applications to control the growth of all vegetation from gravel areas and parking lots.

Spider Barrier Applications:
• Apply a spider barrier around foundation and below windows.